Escape Rooms & Tell Tales

Escape Rooms & Tell Tales



You probably know about those colleagues who always have these exciting stories to tell you. About that one amazing deal that they closed or how they riskily passed someone on the highway while making a phone call. In any case, things always happen, but only ever to them, and only when they’re talking to other people.

But in real life, exciting moments like these are rare. Most people, after all, just work a simple 9 to 5 job, sitting behind their desks, with the same old colleagues in the same old environment. Some people count the minutes left until their day is over, only to get stuck in the usual daily traffic jam. Once home, it’s time for dinner, the dishes and Netflix. The usual daily grind.

If you’re looking for an exciting story, you won’t find it here.

This is the central idea of EscapeTales. We want people to really have an experience that they can truly share with and brag about to their family, friends and colleagues. We offer a fantastic movie-like setting with exciting stories to tell! These stories are a true “escape” from real life; a moment to truly be the hero in your own adventure!

Our name, EscapeTales, already says a lot about this idea. You don’t just experience an escape game; you also escape from your reality and enter ours for just a moment. There are countless of Tales that we would have you experience but obviously you’re going to be creating your own unique Tales with your group as well.

We’re easy to find! You can find us right next to Naarden-Bussum’s train station. That’s why we thought it was important to be inspired by this location, for an experience that connects well to the environment. There are plenty of trains around here and accidents happen more quickly than you think… ?

While we have an Escape Room, we prefer to call it an Escape Experience. You become immersed in the story, the setting and the experience. We think it’s incredibly important to get this experience across just right, which means a lot of details need to be just right. We have spent a lot of time and effort to make these details a reality. For example, we use real train parts and our puzzles match the theme very well. We also constructed a nice reception hall where you can talk about your experience. But this isn’t where it ends: we introduce our visitors to our escape room, the setting they start the game in, and the way the host tries to match the story to the group. We think all of this is very important and it results in our “escapees” getting out of the experience with a smile and a story. A good start of a nice evening out!